Car Rental Policy Agreement


The Rental (“Agreement”) is gone into between Mayflower Acme Tours Sdn. Bhd. (“Tangle”), and the individual whose name and central focuses are as continued in the “Inhabitant Information” fragment of the Agreement (“Renter”).

The Renter is expending of using the vehicle, the focal points of which are as continued in the “Vehicle Information” zone of the Agreement (“Rental Vehicle”), from MAT, and MAT has consented to let the Rental Vehicle to the Hirer, subject to the terms and conditions as follows.

  1. Commitment in regards to RENTAL VEHICLE

1.1 The Renter as needs be sees that the Rental Vehicle will dependably remain the property of MAT, and the Renter will get no rights to the Rental Vehicle other than the choice to utilize the Rental Vehicle as a Renter and as per the courses of action of this Agreement.


2.1 Save as notwithstanding gave in this Agreement, MAT makes similar confirmations to the Renter equivalent to the Rental Vehicle. To the most crazy degree allowed by law, MAT appropriately repudiate all express, determined or legal conditions, delineations and affirmations, including at any rate not constrained to any proposed confirmation or state of merchantability and accessibility for a specific clarification in regard of the Rental Vehicle.


3.1 The rental charges for the Rental Vehicle will be as decided in the “Rental Charge” some portion of the Agreement (“Rental Charges”).

3.2 Where legitimate, the Renter may in like way be obligated to pay any in any occasion one of the going with extra charges to MAT:

(a) Delivery Charges: where MAT has been referenced by the Renter to give the Rental Vehicle to any district other than the MAT’s office from which the Rental Vehicle is selected (“Rental Location”);

(b) Pick-up Charges: Where MAT has been referenced by the Renter to amass the Rental Vehicle from any zone other than the Rental Location;

(c) Drop-off Charges: Where MAT has been referenced by the Renter to gather the Rental Vehicle from any domain which is arranged in a substitute city or state from the Rental Location;

(d) Out of Hours Charges: Where MAT has been referenced by the Renter to pass on or gather the Rental Vehicle at a time which is past MAT’s business hours, which is 8:30a.m. to 6:00p.m. (Peninsular Malaysia); 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. (East Malaysia) (“Business Hour”); and

(e) Such different charges as might be given under this Agreement. (each, an “Extra Charge” and with everything considered, “Extra Charges”)

3.3 The Renter will rapidly pay the Rental Charges or perhaps Additional Charge(s) in advance or upon vehicle enlistment or on the due date as might be appeared by MAT to the Renter recorded as a printed duplicate (“Due


3.4 if there ought to emerge an event of any default in the segment of the Rental Charges and besides Additional Charge(s) by the Renter, MAT will be prepared for power a late bit energy at the pace of eighteen for each centum (18%) per annum on the exceptional Rental Charges similarly as Additional Charge(s) (“Late Payment Interest”).

3.5 The Rental Charges and besides Additional Charges will be paid by system for check similarly as Mastercard. Where the bit is made by methodology for charge card:

(a) MAT perceives the going with Mastercards: MasterCard, Visa and American Express;

(b) MAT won’t perceive any outsider Mastercards: the Mastercard introduced must be for the Renter; (c) The Renter’s charge card will gain some legitimacy experiences of at any rate one (1) year from the date of this Agreement.

  1. Cost variety

4.1 In the occasion any Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) is compelled by the material Malaysian pros on the Rental Charges, Additional Charges similarly as such different charges as might be payable by the Renter to MAT, MAT will be prepared for charge the Renter such GST, and the Renter in like manner consents to manage the GST.


5.1 Designated Driver(s) for the Rental Vehicle:

(a) The Rental Vehicle will basically be driven by the Renter similarly as some unique person(s) who has been supported by MAT and added to the Agreement (all around, the “Given out Drivers”):

I. The Designated Driver(s) will be between the ages of twenty-one (21) years of age to seventy (70) years of age. The Renter will increase MAT’s past made assent in the occasion any of the Designated Driver(s) is underneath the age of twenty-one (21) years of age, or beats the age of seventy (70) years of age;

ii. The Renter will acquire MAT’s earlier made guaranteeing before impacting any developments to the outline of Designated Driver(s);

iii. None of the Designated Driver(s) will have experienced or is continuing on through any physical sickness or potentially defective vision or hearing which may injure his/her driving cutoff points;

iv. None of the Designated Driver(s) will have been censured at whatever point during the previous five (5) years for any traffic offenses;

v. None of the Designated Driver(s) will be a fundamental award holder;

vi. None of the Designated Driver(s) will have been can’t or dropped his/her engine protection framework;

vii. The Designated Driver(s) will have a liberal driving award, or where the Designated Driver is a non-Malaysian tenant, a bona fide overall driving

award, for more than two (2) years.

(b) Any ridiculous use of the Rental Vehicle in break of the game plans of this Agreement by the

Apportioned Driver(s) will be seen as a break by the Renter.

5.2 The Renter will:

(an) Ensure that the Rental Vehicle won’t be utilized:

I. While impacted by liquor or remedies;

ii. Under any conditions for which it isn’t unequivocally composed;

iii. For business reason, including yet not obliged to passing on voyagers or property for select;

iv. To impel or tow any vehicle or other thing;

v. To look at any race, test or challenge;

vi. In any way whereby the Rental Vehicle will be stacked past its allowed limit;

vii. For any illicit or possibly unlawful purposes;

viii. To pass on any item(s) that will release any shocking aromas (for example pets, durians, salted fish, and so on.). Smoking in the Rental Vehicle is besides carefully denied. The Renter will be resolved to remunerate MAT for all expenses accomplished to kill such aromas and the loss of rental days of the Rental Vehicle.

(b) not do or attempt to do any presentation which may encroach upon the proprietorship or interests of MAT in the Rental Vehicle or which may affect the system or approaches of security on the Rental Vehicle;

(c) not sway any mechanical or other acclimation to the Rental Vehicle, reveal any upgrades or expansions, or fit any towing gear or different extra things or non-standard tires to the Rental Vehicle without the earlier made assent out of MAT:

(d) not expel or meddle with any obvious proof checks or plates joined to the Rental Vehicle, nor attempt nor grant the proportionate;

(e) not hurt the paintwork or bodywork of the Rental Vehicle nor fuse or erect any canvas, sign-framing, lettering, or publicizing to or on the Rental Vehicle;

(f) not take or award the Rental Vehicle to be ousted from Malaysia without the past made assent out of MAT, and in the occasion such shaped assent is being given, MAT may power such terms and conditions as it ought to truly think about fit;

(g) bear the expense of the fix or correction of any harm to the Rental Vehicle coming to fruition because of the lack of consideration/conscious act/vandalizing act/ill-advised utilization of the Rental Vehicle by any of the Designated Driver(s);

(h) be subject for all missing, taken or broken parts similarly as embellishments of the Rental Vehicle as decided in the “Vehicle Checklist” structure;

(I) be in peril for the expenses of substitution of any difficulty vehicle key(s) or conceivably the expenses for the formation of any extra vehicle key(s) for the Rental Vehicle;

(j) manage the Rental Vehicle and confirmation that it is fittingly shot and guaranteed about and left in a secured spot when not being used;

(k) be exclusively equipped at its own expenses for the condition and upkeep of the Rental Vehicle as follows:-

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